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Cleanse America

April 9 - 18, 2012

I came across the Cleanse America event through a local raw food group here in Richmond. It’s a campaign to encourage one million people across the country to eat raw for 10 days in April – the 9th through the 18th. I’m definitely thinking about participating in it; however, I’m not sure if I want to spend the $25 to get the daily updates. I think it might be neat to just know that lots of other people are “cleansing” at the same time as me and feel that solidarity with them. That green smoothie sure looks good!


4 comments on “Cleanse America

  1. Susan : )
    April 4, 2012

    We'd love to have YOU join us! I feel that just the community support/interaction & downloadable ebooks alone are already well worth the $25 investment & the cleanse hasnt even started yet!!Hope to see YOU there! : )

  2. Cleanse America
    April 4, 2012

    Yay! Hope you decide to come join us & we really appreciate your blog post about what we're up to! xo – Penni Sheltonwww.cleanseamerica.com

    • malrae
      April 11, 2012

      Thanks Penni!

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