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The Food Forest’s New Site

I’m excited to announce that after being pushed to the back burner for quite a few months, the Food Forest’s very own site is up! While I have mixed feelings about separating Holistic RDN and the Food Forest, as they share many of the same topics, I think it will be easier to navigate to exactly where you want to find info. It will also help me expand the scope of each site. Here’s what you can find on each:

Holistic RDN
Here on Holistic RDN, you’ll find more information on nutrition, my services as a dietitian nutritionist and classes relating to health and wellness. You’ll also find news and events in the community that are health-related.

Food Forest
On the Food Forest site, you’ll find updates and photos from the farm, what’s growing in Central Florida, ideas and inspiration (for me and you) on food forests and permaculture, and news and events in the community which are food, farm and sustainability-related. I did move some garden and WWOOF-related posts over to the Food Forest site that originally posted on Holistic RDN, so you may see some familiarity there at first.

Hope you get a chance to check out the new site, and please let me know your feedback!

A loofa blossom.

A loofa blossom.



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