Holistic RDN

An exploration in well-being, real foods and simple living. Let me help you on your path to wellness.



AJM Environmental Consulting ~ “Ecological designs from the landscape to the rooftop and everything in between.” Amanda is a knowledgeable  bright, responsible, fun person to work with. She incorporates native plants and permaculture principles into her work to create sustainable surroundings.

Florida School of Holistic Living ~ “Mission of cultivating sustainable community by empowering individuals through philosophy-in-practice education that promotes holistic living.”

Simple Living Institute ~ “Promoting Sustainability in Central Florida”

Southern Roots Apothecary ~ Based in Atlantic Beach, FL, the lovely Mariah Goelz’s “organic and natural body products made with hand harvested herbs from the mountains of North Carolina.”

Two Sisters Natural Soap ~ “No dyes. No synthetics. Just soap. Pure and simple! Small batch, handcrafted, artisan soap.”


A Low Impact Woodland Home ~ Simon Dale and family’s journey to creating an affordable, handmade, eco-friendly home. So indescribably inspirational, it makes my heart yearn.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby ~ “CCL trains volunteers to speak powerfully to their elected officials, the media and their local communities in order to inspire members of Congress to be leaders and spokespersons for a sustainable climate.”

Eco Etiquette ~ Jennifer Grayson tackles our eco etiquette quandaries in this Huffington Post column.

Joy Tienzo ~ Joy shares lovely adventures in baking, raw foods, family, and nomadic life.

My Plastic-Free Life~ “Think we can’t live without plastic? Think again. In 2007 I committed to stop buying any new plastic & I’ve almost succeeded! Won’t you join me? Let’s see what plastic-free looks like in 2012… for the health of our bodies, our oceans, our planet. ~Beth Terry”

Oasis Design’s Grey Water page ~ “The web’s information central on all aspects of grey water systems.”

One Thousand Less ~ The Tienzo family’s process in minimalism. Great inspiration for going simple!

Root Simple ~ “is about back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense.”

The Post Punk Kitchen ~ Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s site with amazing vegan recipes.

World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers {WWOOF} ~ The site through which I am connecting with my host farms this year.

Zero Waste Home ~ Bea and her family up the ante on reducing waste.


Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets by Brenda Davis, RD; Vesanto Melina, MS, RD; and Rynn Berry.

Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden And Your Neighborhood into a Community by H.C. Flores ~ Very enjoyable reading about how to integrate the principles of permaculture into your yard and garden.

Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra ~ Great introduction to Mind-Body wellness and Ayurveda.

Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes ~ Hugely inspirational volume describing the advantages of being a producer as opposed to a consumer while following the “four tenets of family, community, social justice and the health of the planet.”

Raw Family by Victoria Boutenko ~ The engaging story of the Boutenko family’s journey to health through raw foods.



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